My Mixtape: Delon Wright


Cali Kid Making the Transition into the NBA

In the second instalment of BallnRoll’s brand new concept, ‘My Mixtape’, we take a closer look at the Delon Wright and his journey to the NBA.

The sophomore out of Utah has endured his fair shares of ups and downs as he now is coming into his own on the NBA level. The Toronto Raptors have a bright future ahead of them with young up-and-coming stars like Wright. Wright, a point guard with great size and some real nice handles will be a kid to watch moving forward!

Where did he come from? Who is the real Delon Wright? Well, there is really only one way to find out!

BallnRoll: Who are you? What city do you call home and what school colours do you rep?

Wright: Los Angeles and red, black and white for Utah.

My Mixtape: Delon Wright

Credit: The Seattle Times

BallnRoll: What is the name and the city of the first basketball team you made? How old were you?

Wright: The Bruins, St. Andrew’s Park. I was like four years old.

BallnRoll: Tell us the age and place of your first dunk because everyone remembers their first and how did you celebrate?

Wright: I was 16-years old and it was in AAU practice. I was in Anaheim, California. Just a one-handed dunk, but yeah, I was hyped.

BallnRoll: When was the first time you dunked on someone’s head? How did that feel and was that the beginning of a new player?

Wright: I can’t remember the first time, but I remember the best time was college against Kansas over Brandon Green and Cliff Alexander. Both of them.

BallnRoll: Tell us about your first home college game and was it everything you ever dreamt of?

Wright: First game? I can’t even remember my first home game, but it was a fun time. It was my first time playing against a big crowd.

My Mixtape: Delon Wright

Credit: Utah Sporting News

BallnRoll: Tell us your ‘welcoming to the NBA’ humbling moment as a rook – being schooled, cross-overed, or dunked on. Who, where, and when?

Wright: I guess not playing. Sitting on the bench the whole year, that was probably my humbling moment. That humble you up real fast, not getting into the game.

My Mixtape: Delon Wright

Credit: Sir Charles In Charge


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